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Special Offer for Teaching Professionals:
Would you like to teach the story of
The Writing 69th in your class?
I can tell from the activity on this site that there is significantly more interest in this web page during the school year. Based on that, I assume that a good number of teachers and students are visiting this page. I also suspect that junior high, high school, college, or university teaching professionals might have some interest in teaching about the Writing 69th in classes.
If this is the case, I would be happy to donate a single copy of The Writing 69th to the first ten school libraries that request one. All I ask is that the school librarian send me an e-mail note.
If you are a teaching professional and would like to have multiple loaner copies to use in a class, then please contact me. As long as you cover shipping costs and promise to return the books when you are through, I can offer you this opportunity.
If you are interested, please e-mail Jim Hamilton at: jim@greenharbor.com.com

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