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Plaques and Memorials Plaque in Honor of Reginald Alexander John Warneford
The plaque is on the wall of the Onze Lieve Vrouw Visitatie monastery in the Ghent, Belgium suburb called Sint-Amandsberg where Alfred Muhler survived a long fall. The English translation of the text reads as follows: "On June 7, 1915 at 2:30 in the morning, the English aviator Warneford shot down the German dirigible number 37."

Plaque at the Site of the Crash of L2167
This plaque is from the memorial for the crewmembers of the Sunderland Flying Boat L2167. The Norwegian inscription can be translated as follows:
"Over this location, Sunderland L2167 from No 210 squadron R.A.F was shot down on April 9, 1940. Of the crew of ten, nine died. They rest at Sylling church. Ogwyn George survived a free fall of over 1,000 meters without parachute. He was found and saved by Johan T. Brathen. Herbrand Mushaugen and Kristian Tangen were his helpers. This stone has been erected to commemorate the first British men to give their lives in the freedom for struggle (1940-1945) by the survivor and his rescuers. Erected June 10, 1990."

Memorial at Pucallpa Airport in Honor of the Victims of the Crash of Flight 508
The memorial at Pucallpa airport in Peru honors the victims of the crach of Lanza Flight 508. It is called 'Alas de Esperanza' (Wings of Hope). Juliane Koepcke survived the crash and made her way to safety after many days in the jungle.

Memorial at the Site of the Crash of Snap! Crackle! Pop!
This plaque is at the memorial for the crew members of the B-17, "Snap! Crackle! Pop!" which crashed on January 3, 1943. Alan Magee was the ball turret gunner. He survived a long fall into the St. Nazaire, France train station. He was present when the memorial was dedicated in September of 1995.

Monument at the Crash Site of a 98th Bomb Group B-24 Bomber (Czech Republic)
This memorial in Pradlo, Czech Republic is dedicated to the crewmembers of a 98th Bomb Group B-24. Erected in May of 2009, this was the aircraft that Ray Noury fell from, his fall being somewhat slowed by a torn and tattered parachute.

Monument at the Crash Site of a 98th Bomb Group B-24 Bomber (Italy)
A memorial to the crew of a 98th Bomb Group B-24 was erected in Steinegg, Italy in 2000. R.B. Reed survived the crash by falling in the aircraft's severed tail.

Memorial to the Victims of the Crash of JAT Flight 367
JAT Flight 367's sole survivor was Vesna Vulovic. A memorial to the victims of the crash is in Srbská Kamenice. The text on the plaque is repeated in Serbo-Croation and Czech. It translates approximately as follows: "This monument is dedicated to the memory of the victims and also as an expression of gratitude to the inhabitants of Srbská Kamenice and Česká Kamenice, whose deep humanity has brought us closer together."

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