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The Free Fall Research Page
Stories about people who have survived a long fall without the benefit of a working parachute

The Writing 69th home page
A group of journalists, including Homer Bigart, Walter Cronkite, and Andy Rooney, who covered the 8th Air Force during World War II

The 44th Bomb Group Roll of Honor
The work of Will Lundy, the Roll of Honor documents the 44th Bomb Group missions in which crewmembers died or were injured

Green Harbor Publications Research
Research projects covering topics such as spam e-mail, beer consumption, and vehicular cell phone use

Spam e-Mail Title Haiku and Other Poetry
Including the Random Spam e-Mail Title Haiku Generator, the Spam e-Mail Title Haiku Fortune Teller, and two books: Hello, My Gentle Sun, Let's Talk and The Haiku Year.
Both books are available through Lulu.

The Linotype-Hell Technical Information Series
Produced in the early 1990s, these articles cover a range of graphic arts topics

From Microsoft Word to Print
A 2001 guide to self-publishing using Microsoft Word 95/97

Nude Beach Sketchbook
An 8-page illustrated essay

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